Hi! We are Split Dogs. We are an electronic rock band from Sydney, Australia. The band’s permanent members are Paul Dawkins and Clare Ivers. Over the years we’ve taken on a few different forms, singers and musicians before finally writing, producing, settling upon and publishing our debut album Iconoclasm in 2009.

Paul is a singer and multi-instrumentalist and Clare is a bass and guitar player.

Paul has had a long career in the music industry including playing in the Sydney pub rock band Matt Finish during the 90s. Paul co-authored Matt Finish’s 1993 album By Heart with lead singer and founder Matt Moffitt.

More recently Paul composed the music for the crowd-sourced and innovative Australian film The Tunnel and Split Dogs contributed the track for the closing credits. This has led to a number of other film music projects for Paul which you can check out via his post-production company Sheep’s Clothing.

These days Clare spends a lot of time kicking around in Europe. Maybe one day soon we will sit down and make another Split Dogs album. But until then, we hope you enjoy Iconoclasm and The Tunnel soundtrack!


Split Dogs

PS, you can purchase Iconoclasm here for $10:

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